Dynacore Technology Co. Ltd. has 20 years of experience in developing and distributing professional broadcast and cine equipment and is growing fast. Our product lines feature in-demand lithium-ion camera batteries, chargers, wireless video, lighting, stands and production accessories.

Unlike many other battery manufacturers, Dynacore batteries are unique in that they are capable of reaching their listed charging capacity. In addition to their 3 Year Warranty (1 Year Replacement Warranty – 2 Year Repair Warranty), all Dynacore batteries are CE, UN tested and ROHS compliant.

A core part of the Dynacore business model is focused on research and development to accommodate the ever growing and evolving production environments. With great customer service and products, the North American market for Dynacore is quickly becoming the go-to choice for many professionals nationwide as the brand continues to grow.

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Dynacore D-155MS V-Mount RUGGED Battery reviewed by News Shooter

The new Dynacore D-155MS 155 watt battery is following a trend that I like. A slimmer form-fitting style battery to mount on the back of the camera with some kick to boot. This not only looks nice but keeps the camera smaller and more compact.
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